Why You Shouldn’t Hire Tara Vasdani LSO Number 72427O35:39

Published on November 24, 2022


Our Experience dealing with Tara Vasdani LSO Number

Email Correspondence


Tara Vasdani with LSO Number 72427O hired our company to serve a legal document on 19 Oct 2022, 10:42, upon a defendant in Port Coquitlam, BC (see link to email correspondence).

We served the document and sent her an invoice on 2 Nov 2022, which was due on 4 Nov 2022 (see invoice below).


invoice screenshot for tara vasdani



She replied on 3 Nov 2022, asking why we billed her $427.43. 

Please, pay attention to the three question marks (???) in her reply email (we think this is a rude gesture unbefitting of a lawyer.)

We responded with the cost breakdown on the same day (see email proof).


We did not get a response back from Tara Vasdani ever since.


First email reminder


We emailed her on 7 Nov 2022, reminding her the invoice was due, but she is yet to reply. See email proof


1st Phone call


We called her on 8 Nov 2022. She answered the phone and said she would speak to her client and then make payment before Friday. We find this odd because lawyers usually have a trust account for their clients, which holds their clients’ funds — money meant to be used towards legal services.


Second email reminder

We sent another email on 10 Nov 2022, but she didn’t reply. 


third email reminder


We sent her another email on 11 Nov 2022, reminding her of her responsibility to uphold the standards and reputation of the legal profession — she didn’t reply.


Quickbooks reminders


Quickbooks consistently sends out reminders. We noticed she had viewed the invoice 11 times. (see screenshot below).



2nd Phone call

I called Tara on 23 Nov 2022 and told her that she had put me in a problematic situation; as such, I would take the matter up with LSO if she didn’t pay the invoice. She assured me she would make payment on the same day; however, as soon as she hung up, Tara sent me a text message saying “she was NOT going to make payment until she confirmed that I hadn’t taken up the matter with LSO” (see the screenshot of text message below).


text message 2 Tara vasdani invoice screenshot for tara vasdani

She even said in her text message that “it is not going to end well for me.” (see screenshot of text message above.) 

Tara Vasdani’s conduct is unprofessional


Evidently, Tara’s conduct is unprofessional, contrary to Rule 5.1-5 and Rule  2.1-1 LSO’s rules of professional conduct. 


5.1-5 A lawyer shall be courteous, civil, and act in good faith to the tribunal and with all persons with whom the lawyer has dealings.


2.1-1 A lawyer has a duty to carry on the practice of law and discharge all responsibilities to clients, tribunals, the public and other members of the profession honourably and with integrity.


I will not recommended Tara Vasdani


As you can see from what transpired between our company and Tara Vasdani, I will not recommend her legal services to anyone due to her lack of professionalism — she should get herself acquainted with LSO rules.  Honestly, these types of conduct make people lose faith in the justice system. 

We have to pay out of my pocket for the services we provided for her. It is painful, considering we are small business owners struggling to stay afloat.

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