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Published on June 16, 2020

How to improve local SEO. Whether you like it or not, you will always have competitors. The world is a cut-throat one and if you are running a local business, you need to be the most aggressive one if you don’t want to be left behind.

Make sure you don’t waste any minute. These tips on how to improve local SEO are what you should be learning right now:


How to Improve Local SEO


The following are surefire ways to improve your local SEO.


Start Claiming Your Business Listings


After some time, a business listing will be created and soon after, there will be more duplicate listings. You need to claim every single listing under your business name, get rid of duplicates and check that the information on the remaining listings is updated and accurate.

There are SEO tools that you can use to help you find all these listings and make the search easier and simpler.


Make Your NAP Consistent


For your business to be served by search engines to as a result every time a person searches for it, your NAP or business name, address, and phone number must be consistent everywhere.

You should be pickier than usual here. It is not only about writing your address and business name. If your name includes Inc., LLC, or Co., this must also be included. You also need to pay attention to how the road, avenue, and street are written and the suite numbers. Consistency is the key. It should be based on the location details shown on your site.

There should be consistency of your NAP details across all your web assets from your website to social media to Business Listings. For your Google My Business Page, whatever you have on your website should be on your GMB and vice versa.


Include Location Pages to Your Site


Search engines crawl your website and look for the most comparable matches to offer as result in search engine results pages. if your business locations have their own specific landing pages, it will be easier for search engines to locate your listing and give the search the right location.

You also need to include suite numbers and decide if you will write in the street, road, or avenue in full or abbreviate them. How you present information on these pages determine how you will update your details everywhere else. See an example of a local page : Oakville SEO


Produce Local Content


Your rankings in local search will be better if you create content that caters to your specific niche. Make them specific for your area for them to become more successful and effective for your local SEO efforts. Write about your events pertaining to your industry, give advice on specific services in your local area.


Acquire Reviews


There is no denying when it comes to the importance of reviews. They play a big role in local rankings and help make your listing stand out from the rest. Nothing beats the review left behind by a satisfied customer thanking you for the positive experience.

Aside from helping you rank higher and better, reviews also help your result get more real estate on search engine results pages. It is a good strategy to use for pages outside your local park through adding sub-pages, schema markups and others to boost the real estate taken up by your business.

Another huge advantage of getting reviews is social proof. Once they see five stars, searchers will instantly consider your business as highly recommended by their peers. Through getting reviews, you get to tackle three main components of conversion namely conversion rate optimization, clickthrough rate, and ranking.


Embed Your GMB Map on your website


It is a good practice to embed your GMB map on your website. Some choose to put the map at the footer section, while others embed it on the body of the web page. Personally, I choose to embed the GMB Map in the footer section and that has worked for me. So i will recommend embedding in the footer section.


Build Links


If you have the opportunity to guest post on other blogs, you may embed your GMB map into the post – doing so would improve the visibility of your local SEO and power up your GMB listing.


Closing thoughts


With these tips on how to improve local SEO, you can be sure that your business would stand out from the rest of the crowd in no time.

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