How To Be A Process Server With Surveillance And Skip Tracing.06:48

Published on April 2, 2019
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What Is Process Serving?

In this Tuesday’s video, I teach you how to serve process. Basically how to be a Process Server. Very specifically I teach you how to file paperwork with the court. Don’t worry, it’s super easy.

I even show you a pack of papers like the ones you will be delivering as a Process Server.


How much do Process Servers make?


Usually about $50.00 per service pack you deliver.

However, if you have to do track down the person, if they are refusing to take the court papers or if you have to do surveillance, then you are going to charge more than fifty bucks ($50). Most court paper servers charge anywhere from $100-150 for that.

Way more! Also, I give you a real-world case study on how the serving process can very quickly turn into a full-blown case with skip tracing and surveillance. Here’s the thing.

Be sure to check out the complete DVD video training course where I teach you how to be a Process Server including a section on Detective Work where I teach how to perform a skip trace search in Toronto. This DVD set is available at


Best Process Servers In Canada


if you leave in Toronto Canada, you should beware of Process Servers who just collect your document and don’t file. For example, a company called dominion process server have scammed people in Called.

It is better to look at reviews before you proceed to hire a process server in Brampton, Toronto or The GTA


Process Server Toronto 

Etobicoke Address


Downtown Address



Recommended Private Investigator for skip tracing\


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How To Be A Process Server With Surveillance And Skip Tracing
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