Does CBD Show On A Drug Test? 20 QUESTIONS ANSWERED19:42

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Published on July 29, 2018

Hey guys! My previous video on CBD led to many questions, so I picked the 20 most common questions about CBD oil and answered them here. Listen on fast forward to find your question faster 😉

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil:

My previous video about my personal experience:

Supposedly this brand is isolated CBD and won’t show on a drug test:

CBD for anxiety and depression

Here’s the order of the questions:

1. Is it possible to test positive on a drug test?

2. Is CBD oil addictive / ill effects when stopping it?

3. Do you find it increases or decreases your appetite?

4. With your sleep, how did it effect your dreams?

5. Since it’s from hemp, can it be purchased online?

6. Do you feel high when you’re on it?

7. Is this something you can do as needed or should you do consistently?

8. Does it effect your workouts? Should you take it before or after exercise?

9. How well does it treat anxiety? Can you stop taking anxiety medication?

10. How well does it treat depression? Can you stop taking depression medication?

11. Do you need to take it with food or water?

12. How do you take it?

13. Can you still work while using it?

14. Can you drive while on it?

15. Is it legal to travel with?

16. Can you build up a tolerance to it?

17. CBD pets

18. Difference between whole extract and concentrated CBD

19. Are there any studies on the safety and effectiveness of CBD?

20. Why did I start taking it?

See this site for more cbd faqs 

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