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Published on May 12, 2020

Best Process Servers to Hire for Personal Service in Toronto. Many are not familiar with the term ” Process Serving”. As a matter of fact, 66% of the population in Toronto will scratch their heads if asked what is Process Serving or who a Process Server is.

For those who may not be familiar with the term —”Process Serving” — it is the act of serving court papers (divorce papers, small claims, civil, etc) on individuals that are involved in court proceedings i.e. respondents, defendants.


Who is a Process Server?


Process Servers are charged with the responsibility of serving court papers on respondents or defendants

The process of serving legal papers can be awkward, not to mention the stress Process Servers or anyone charged with the responsibility of serving legal documents endure during Service of Process. This only gets worse if you lack familiarity or experience with the whole process of serving legal documents. For this reason, hiring a professional process server in Toronto has become necessary.


Best Process Servers to Hire for Personal Service in Toronto


There are quite a few process servers that are reliable and professional in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The following are the best process servers in the GTA.


Court Runner APP

In case you don’t know what the Court Runner APP is; the Court Runner is an intuitive APP you can use to order process serving, court filing, and skip tracing, in Canada or the United states.

How does the court runner work? See the below video to understand how the court runner works.



They are the first ever APP for process serving and court filing in Canada. They are very cost effective and the best when it comes to :


  • Transparent fees
  • Same day or Next day Service
  • Reliable Services
  • Availability
  • Coverage

You can’t go wrong with the court runner APP. For more information regarding Court Runner, visit their website


Process Server Toronto

If you are looking for the best Process Servers to hire for Personal Service in Toronto. Process servers like are skilled in the art of anything Process Serving, Court Filing, and Skip Tracing. They are trained professionals and should be your go-to for all things Process Serving in the GTA and Ontario region. They have a reputation for locating anyone, even the most difficult “Skips” with their versatile Skip Tracing techniques.

Brampton Process Server

Brampton Process Server (BPS) is another provider of Personal Service in the Brampton area. Their services are fast and reliable.  More so, their service fees are affordable compared to other process serving agency in the Brampton region.

Mississauga Process Server

If you are based in Mississauga and are looking to serve legal documents, I will highly recommend Mississauga Process Server because of proximity, rates, and the quality of service they provide. This agency will share with you their location in real-time when they set out to serve a respondent, which is not something many process servers do. As a matter of fact, some process servers such as Dominion Process Servers have earned a reputation for duping people who are in need of Service of Process.

Canadian Process Server

Just like the aforementioned Agencies, Canadian Process Server is another great provider of Personal Service, Court Filing, and Skip Tracing. They are located in the heart of Toronto and have a reputation for providing quality service when it comes to Service of Process. Their rates are quite high, but trust me you will get your money’s worth.


Benefits of Hiring a Process Server


Now that you know some of the best Process Servers In the GTA, let’s look at what you stand to gain if you hire a professional to serve your court papers. Below are some of the benefits of hiring the best process servers in Toronto.


Professional and Expert Service


In Canada, anyone (third party) above the age of 18 can serve court papers so long as the person is not involved in the court proceeding. Many use their cousins, friends, etc to serve their court papers. It is completely ok to do so, however, the danger behind this is that :

  • They are not familiar with the rules behind serving legal documents
  • May expose themselves to danger
  • Ruin the case or create more problems for the plaintiff/applicant

When you hire a process server, such as the ones mentioned above you will have peace of mind knowing that the process is going to be carried out in a legal and professional way. With a professional Process Server, you are guaranteed that there won’t be any slowing down or ruining of court hearings.


Extensive Experience


Trained and Professional process servers provide a lot of experience and knowledge that you are not aware of. For example, what do you do when a respondent refuses to accept the court papers? Only trained Process Server will know what to do in situations like that – as they have the necessary training for dealing with any type of situation, Process servers in Toronto can ensure that your legal documents will be served even in the most unusual, sensitive, and awkward circumstances.




Some Process servers provide skip tracing services if you don’t have the address of the respondent(s)/defendant(s). Such types of services can come in handy if you are a mother trying to gain custody of your child, a lawyer who doesn’t know the whereabouts of a respondent, a landlord who is trying to recover rental payment from a runaway tenant, a customer who has filed for small claims but can’t locate the address of the business, just to mention a few.




Service of Process can be somewhat dangerous depending on the particular form of legal document that is being served. For instance, if you hire your friend to issue an injunction or ASBO to a respondent, there is a great possibility that the respondent will be violent or aggressive, thus, exposing your friend to imminent danger.

Process Servers are aware of this and are fully prepared for such kind of scenarios. In other words, seeking the assistance of a local process server in Toronto can take away all the risks involved in serving legal documents. It is better to entrust the task of Process Serving in the hands of professionals who are trained in dealing with difficult and dangerous situations.




It can be time-consuming to monitor and verify that you have all the legal documents before attempting to serve the respondents, especially if you are managing a solicitor’s practice or operating an insurance company. Outsourcing to a professional process serving agency will take the burden off your shoulders so that you can spend your time on other important and pressing matters.

On the same note, when a document is served on a respondent, it is expected that an affidavit of service form is filled by the person who served the document. The form would also need to be commissioned by a commissioner for taking affidavit – all in the effort of proving that the documents were indeed served on the respondent.

There are tons of mistakes that can easily be made if the document is not filled correctly. For example, leaving out the type of document served, the name position of the recipient, etc. May cause the court to reject the affidavit of service when you are filing in Court.


Last words


So now that you know the best Process Servers to hire for Personal Service in Toronto and the benefits of hiring a professional Process Server, you have all it takes now to serve your legal documents efficiently without worrying that something might go wrong.


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Best Process Servers to Hire for Personal Service in Toronto
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